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GC Biopharma Operations Today

Unlimited dedication
To the development of safer,
More effective treatments.

A representative photograph of developing a professional medicine.


Convinced that R&D is the source of future revenue and national economic growth, GC Biopharma has been leading the pharmaceutical industry in Korea with its bold and aggressive strategies in this area. GC Biopharma R&D Center, the cradle of major R&D activities throughout the GC, and other research-specialized subsidiaries continue to recruit talented researchers and strengthen their core capabilities for research. GC Biopharma will continue to invest actively in the development of new drugs and biologics and secure its reputation worldwide as a pioneer in biotechnology dedicated to good health for all.

Investment(in KRW 100 million)

Graphs on sales (A), R&D investment (B), R&D investment ratio (B/A)


GC녹십자는 이메일 수집을 거부합니다

본 웹사이트에 게시된 이메일 주소가 전자우편 수집 프로그램이나
그 밖의 기술적 장치를 이용하여 무단으로 이메일 주소를 수집하는 행위를 거부하며,
이를 위반시 정보통신망 이용촉진 및 정보보호 등에 관한 법률에 의해 형사처벌됨을
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