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Quadrivalent flu vaccine

17 Mar, 2017

Green Cross has been developing a variety of vaccines and expanding its manufacturing facilities. In July 2009, the plant at Hwasun, S.Korea, was completed, from which it began to produce a series of H1N1 flu vaccines. Green Cross was selected as an exemplary model at the World Health Organization (WHO) meetings.

Green Cross obtained WHO prequalification in 2011 on its trivalent flu vaccine, GC Flu. Such prequalifications are issued after confirming quality, safety, and efficacy of vaccine products, allowing manufacturers to participate in the international procurement market. Thanks to this decision, Green Cross is now the only Korean pharmaceutical company exporting its flu vaccines to 30 or so countries worldwide.

In 2015, GC Flu Quadrivalent (egg-based) made Green Cross the fourth company in the world to successfully develop such a product. In 2016, it became the second company in the world to win WHO prequalification for its quadrivalent flu vaccine, thus entering the ranks of internationally-renowned vaccine producers.