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Since its establishment in 1967, Green Cross has been safeguarding the public health of S.Korea and is now becoming a leader in the global health industry through its focus on developing necessary, but difficult-to-make medicines.

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In 1971, Green Cross became the first company in S.Korea and the sixth company in the world to establish a plasma fractionation plant. In 2009, it completed the construction of the Ochang Plant, the largest biotech facility at the time. Green Cross has been producing and exporting a variety of plasma-derived products, including albumin, immunoglobulin, and antithrombin. The company has acquired unparalleled expertise in plasma fractionation, and continues to research and develop safer and ever more effective next-generation products.

Prevention of disease is another priority at Green Cross. In 1983, the company became the third in the world to develop a hepatitis-B vaccine, known as Hepavax, followed by in 1988 becoming the first in the world to develop a vaccine against the Hantavirus hemorrhagic fever (Hantavax). In 1993, Green Cross became the second in the world to develop a varicella vaccine (Suduvax), and in 2015 it became the fourth in the world to develop a quadrivalent flu vaccine (GC Flu Quadrivalent), thereby establishing itself as a world-class leader in vaccine development.

In addition, Green Cross has been tackling rare diseases with recombinant DNA technology, becoming the second in the world to develop a treatment for Hunter syndrome (Hunterase) in 2012 and the third in the world to introduce a recombinant factor treatment for hemophilia A (GreenGene F) in 2010. In 2001, Green Cross became the first pharmaceutical company in Korea to adopt a holding company structure with Green Cross Holdings, in an effort to enhance its specialization and competitiveness in the global market. Green Cross Holdings has been developing and providing a wide range of products and services, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare services. Green Cross Holdings has also set up local companies in the United States (plasma centers) and China (plasma-fractionation facility and distribution center). In addition to launching flu and varicella vaccines on the international organization procurement market, Green Cross has also recently opened a plasma fractionation plant in Canada and begun the process of obtaining a product license for its immunoglobulin, IVIG-SN, from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in an effort to expand its presence in the North American and global market. Based on its innovative platform for immunity products and protein engineering, as well as its success in cell therapy and antibody treatments, Green Cross will continue to research and develop globally competitive and advanced pharmaceuticals for difficult to treat diseases, including cancer.

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